About Us

Natural Leigh

Every great idea starts with a problem. Our was simple enough, really: time and time again, we found ourselves struggling with subpar quality products full of suspicious chemicals; from pain relief, to weight loss, to beauty, every industry and market was riddled by them.

The need for a brand of reliable, premium quality, and well-designed products you can place your trust in was becoming painfully apparent – and that’s the how and why of creating Natural Leigh.

We’re a modern, Oregon-based company with a singular goal in mind: we want to provide our clients with a series of superb products and make their lives easier and better in a million different tiny – or sometimes, no to tiny – ways.

We’re aware, however, that “just” providing top-notch quality products is not going to cut it – not in today’s fiercely demanding world. So, we’ve also made it our top priority to make sure we use nothing but the purest, safest organic and natural materials and ingredients, and absolutely no chemicals and fillers.

And we’re glad to be able to say that all that attention to detail and quality actually pays off! We enjoy a growing portfolio which bears testimony to what our customers are always looking for – quality, value and reliability.

Of course, this only drives us to strive to become even better, because what’s of utmost importance to us is our customer’s total satisfaction. After all, it’s what keeps us in business!